Silver Medal Award Nominations Now Open!





Do You Know a Deserving Leader in the Advertising Community?

The American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal Award Program was established in 1959 to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising and who have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern. Annually, AAF member clubs bestow this honor upon an outstanding member of their community.

For many local clubs, awarding the AAF Silver Medal is the highlight of their year. It enhances the image of advertising by recognizing a locally well-known person for their advertising and community involvement.

Contribution to His/Her Company

The recipient must have achieved success in one of the following areas of work: advertising agency, advertiser, media or advertising service.

Creative Ability

The recipient must have shown a consistent, high degree of original thinking in their field.

Contributions to the General Advancement of Advertising

The recipient must have worked to increase the stature and raise the standards of the advertising profession.

Contributions to the Community

The recipient should be someone who has been active in civic, religious, or other groups dedicated to human or social welfare.

Learn more about nominations here. All submissions must be in by close of business Friday, January 20, 2017, including an essay or letter describing the nominee’s achievements. Nominations should be emailed to Aerien Mull, past president, at

Tour Of Sally Corp. AAF Members lunch event

AAF Members!

We’re excited to take a tour of SALLY Corp over lunch on Dec.8th.

SALLY Corp, for those who don’t know, is a hidden gem in Jacksonville. They produce animatronics and dark rides for theme parks and is one of the most innovative and creative companies in the South!

The tour is free and AAF board will be providing lunch for you to either eat afterwards or take back to work with you!

Hope to see you there. This is a member only event. If there is someone that you know of who wishes to attend and would like to be a member just send them here.

Get your tickets here!

AAF Social: Free Night at the Fair!

Free night at the fair for AAF Jacksonville Members! We’ll be at the hospitality tent located next to the administration building at the fairgrounds. Free Entry and Free drinks all night long!

All we need you to do is register so we can add you to the list.

Not a member? No worries you can still come too! Just sign up below as a future member and someone will add you to the list!

Event Details

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
6:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Jacksonville Fairgrounds
510 Fairground Pl
Hospitality Tent
Jacksonville, FL 32202

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Going Viral, Getting Innovative and the Mindset of a Small Business Owner

The Ups and Downs of staying innovative with your small business with Mark Shaw…

TED Talk Speaker, Small Business Owner, Lifetime innovator and all around great storyteller Mark Shaw takes us through his journey of growing his small business from the confines of a storage locker to one of the best businesses to work for in Jacksonville.

TED Talk
Youtube – 12million views!

Make sure to arrive early to park and place your food order (included in ticket price)! 

Pulled straight from Mark’s TED profile…

After graduating from college in 1980, Mark viewed a news broadcast on a toxic waste clean-up called Love Canal. The TV footage showed leaking steel drums of toxic waste being lowered into larger steel drums, called Salvage Drums. It was then Mark was inspired to “save the world from toxic waste and build a drum that would never leak”. At the age of 23, with only an economics major as his experience and working out of a rented storage locker, he developed his first patent, an plastic overpack container with resistance wiring built into the lid that would automatically heat weld the lid to the container with the push of a button. He dubbed it Macroencapsulation and today, Macroencapsulation is not only an EPA approved treatment for hazardous waste but is also used extensively at DOE National Labs for shipping and treating mixed radioactive waste that is both chemically and radioactively hazardous. Many of his inventions and products have become the market standard worldwide. Mark and his companies have also been credited with being pioneers in the spill containment and storm water management industry and is now implementing the vision of bringing advanced and innovative technologies to industry on a global basis through its 1,500 distributors covering 80 countries.

Event Details

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: Program

Sun-Ray Cinema
1028 Park St.
Jacksonville, FL 32204

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Why Your Business Should Consider Snapchat

By John Weidner

Businesses are scared of Snapchat…and it’s easy to understand why.

Any initial brainstorming by a company on how to utilize Snapchat probably includes the frightening thought of executives and business leaders awkwardly balancing marketing their business while spewing a rainbow from their mouth.

However, you can rest assured that most customers don’t want to be tortured by these images either. And there’s a lot more appeal to Snapchat than just watching someone slap crazy graphics over their face.


Snapchat is an image messaging device that was first released as a mobile application in 2011. All content on the platform is created, and lives exclusively on Snapchat. And unlike any other mainstream social network, content disappears 24 hours after it is created.

Any college student will tell you that Snapchat is dominated by millennials. As of 2016, 77% of its 200 million users are between the ages of 18 and 35. With over 6 billion video views per day, Snapchat has seen faster growth in its first five years than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

So although you may not be sending dozens of videos to your friends and family through Snapchat each day, your neighbors, nephews and nieces who are have made it the second most active network behind Facebook.


You may be asking yourself now, “If the main focus of our business on Snapchat isn’t to engage in all of the funny face shenanigans, than what is it?” Well, that really depends on what type of business you are. If it seems that Snapchat might not be a good fit for every business, that’s because it’s true. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, it’s a little bit harder for businesses to figure out how they can best benefit from Snapchat. However, once they locate the right use, the potential for significant impact is very high. Here’s a look at some common business strategies:

  • Geofilters – These allow you place a tag on a certain time, place, temperature and date. Any unique filter that you create can be used by other Snapchaters. The goal here is to create a cool looking image, make it pertinent to the target group at whatever location or variable you chose, and include your branding in the image. For example: imagine a geofilter targeted for the location date and time of next year’s Superbowl. You can target people where they are most likely to receive your message.
  • Vlog – Snapchat is a great medium to show some of the human aspect behind your product. Of course, some of the vampire and unicorn filters are a little too silly for business users.
  • Direct Targeting- VaynerMedia owner and social media star Gary Vaynerchuk raves about Snapchat for the fact that it allows you to have an actual one on one connection with your customers from anywhere in the world on a platform that they use without risking your personal privacy.


Okay, so we’ve given you some basics about Snapchat, but how do I start really applying this to me. Well how does attending a luncheon led by one of the world’s leading Snapchat strategists sound?

In this session, social media strategist Carlos Gil will show you how to get started on Snapchat for business, including strategies for building your following, examples of notable brands using the platform, why re-purposing Snapchat content across other platforms is important and actionable steps for creating micro-content for short form storytelling.

You will walk away from this session with actionable insights which will help gain up to 25% higher engagement per post on Snapchat over other social networks as well as an understanding of converting Snapchat views to website traffic and sales.

So when and where is it?


Thursday, August 18, 2016 from 11:45 AM to 1:00 PM (EDT) – Add to Calendar


Sun-Ray Cinema – 1028 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204 – View Map


About John Weidner

Digital Media Specialist
Brooks Rehabilitation

Crafting creative messaging that inspires people…this is what drives John Weidner.

John is a digital marketer based in Jacksonville, FL who specializes in content marketing, social media marketing, and digital content management. He currently works as a member of the marketing department of Jacksonville-based health care provider Brooks Rehabilitation.

In addition to his focus on health care, John also has several years of experience creating content for various local news publications and professional and collegiate sports organizations. John has a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of North Florida, and is currently pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree with a focus on marketing at UNF.

Social Fresh Discount Deadline is 8/1

You’re invited to attend the Social Fresh 2016 Conference in Orlando. This nationally recognized event is consistently cited by industry leaders as the best social marketing conference each year. Sponsored by the AAF Fourth District you also get an $100 registration discount.That’s in addition to the current $150 discount available until August 1st. Don’t wait. Save $250 now!

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This year’s event will feature industry thought leaders from the top brands, agencies and technology providers in the US. Social Fresh 2016 speakers include SpotifyAmerican Heart AssociationThe Weather ChannelCiscoRed CrossHubSpotThe EconomistCitrixTime IncFreshDirectRE/MAXTwitterAlaskan AirFull Sail UniversityCentury 21, and many more!

Additional presenters include internationally-recognized thought leaders Sarah Evans,Peter Shankman, Mitch Joel, Jess Ostroff, and Jason Keath. 

See the full speaker list and agenda here.

And—there’s no FOMO at Social Fresh—unlike many training forums that run multiple sessions at the same time, the Social Fresh agenda is a single track. You never have to choose one speaker over another. Everyone experiences the same content in the same room. Social Fresh curates so you don’t have to!

Networking opportunities are also an integral part of Social Fresh. You’ll connect one-on-one with speakers and attendees—beginning with the opening night reception.

So make your plans now to attend this year’s Social Fresh Conference on Thursday, August 18 through Sunday, August 21st, 2016. Act quickly though as tickets will sell out.

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May Program: Digital Advertising Essentials

Are You Maximizing Digital Advertising Potential?

Digital advertising is a moving target. As advertisers and marketers, we need to stay informed on current trends to be able to understand the landscape and make recommendations to maximize budgets and ROI—as well as reach our target audiences where they live and play online.

Our May program is designed to give both agencies, marketing professionals and business owners better baseline knowledge of online advertising basics such as search engine optimization, Google AdWords, and pay-per-click advertising.

Additionally, we will explore the “need to know now” digital tactics such as ad retargeting and programmatic advertising. Don’t miss another opportunity to unleash your brand’s full digital potential!

Meet Our Guest Speaker: Tyler Ervin

Tyler Ervin
Tyler Ervin currently serves as Director of Enterprise Sales for Varick Media Management, a leading demand side platform (DSP) based in New York City. Throughout his career, Tyler has worked with marketers of all sizes to help evaluate and activate digital advertising technology to increase efficiency and efficacy in the digital ecosystem.

Prior to joining Varick Media Management, Tyler has held pivotal sales positions with video DSP Videology and display DSP Lucidmedia.

Event Details

Thursday, May 14, 2015
11:30 AM: Networking & Check-In
12:00 PM-1:00 PM: Program

Crowne Plaza Riverfront
1201 Riverplace Blvd
Amelia Room
*Free Parking under hotel*


  • AAF Member: $15
  • Non-Member: $25
  • Students: $15

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