The 2016 ADDY® Awards was a night of excitement. With 57 awards presented to those in the advertising industry there were plenty of smiles on faces, but one stood out from the crowd. The 2016 Silver Medal award winner.

The Silver Medal is the highest award that can be given by AAF-Jacksonville to recognize men and women who have made outstanding contributions to advertising. They have been active in furthering the industry’s standards, creative excellence and responsibility in areas of social concern. Annually, AAF chapters bestow this honor upon outstanding members of the local advertising community.

On Saturday night, Gayle Hart earned this honor.

Kendall barsin and Tyler Morris presented the award not only as former presidents of AAF Jacksonville, but also as Gayle’s former interns and, more importantly, as her friends.

Over the years, Gayle has shown commitment to the Jacksonville advertising community through the years professionally in radio, City of Jacksonville special events and for the past 17 years as the Director of Marketing for the Jacksonville Fairgrounds and Expo Center.

Throughout her career she has made countless relationships with her work, through local designers, event planners, media and many businesses just to name a few. She has also earned her Certified Fair Executive status from the International Association of Fairs and Expositions. Gayle also has served as the President of the Florida Federation of Fairs. Her marketing campaigns for the Jacksonville Fair have been recognized nationally and have taken home numerous awards.

Kendall Barsin, Gayle Hart, and Tyler Lasher Morris

Here is a note from Lisa Hinton, a colleague of Gayle’s and the Executive Director of the Florida Federation of Fairs.

Gayle has brought a great, new dynamic to the Fair industry with her creative ideas for promoting and advertising. She always approaches a project full speed ahead and tackles any project that come her way – from organizing creating and implementing an event, to its promotion and advertising. Gayle is one of those people that’s still there making sure everything gets done, long after everyone else has gone home.

If you have been involved with AAF Jax or attended one of AAF Jax’s events in the last 20 years, you have been impacted by Gayle Hart’s contributions. Her constant dedication to the Jacksonville chapter has made us an example to others chapters around the nation. Gayle has served in literally all positions on the board at some point her AAF Jacksonville career. She is a constant source of support for the organization and often takes on some of the most time consuming projects, which include Past President, Past Addy Chair and of course past, present and probably future Media Auction Chair. Because of her leadership, she was chosen to guide chapters from the entire State of Florida and the Caribbean as the Chair for 4th district AAF President’s Council.

Her contributions to Jacksonville are countless and the hearts of friends and family she has warmed are numerous. We can think of no better person to receive the Silver Medal – her dedication and commitment to making Jacksonville a better place are an inspiration to us all.