About AAF Jacksonville

AAF Jacksonville is the local chapter of the American Advertising Federation (AAF), within the AAF 4th District. Through the efforts of AAF Jacksonville and fellow chapters, the 4th District American Advertising Federation is dedicated to serving members by protecting and advancing advertising interests, including the freedom to truthfully advertise legal products. AAF Jacksonville fulfills set goals through effective government relations, professional development, public education, advertising standards, community service and recognition of excellence.

Our Objectives

AAF Jacksonville’s purpose is to provide leadership on issues involving and affecting advertising, and, through the efforts of its members:

  • Strive for the betterment of advertising and its services to the public by encouraging, recognizing and rewarding excellence in all fields of advertising, including public service advertising
  • Cooperate with government officials at the State and Local levels, and to represent the industry’s positions before legislative and administrative bodies
  • Enhance the knowledge and skills of advertising practitioners, support and promote advertising education and encourage talented young people to enter the advertising profession
  • Promote and encourage the maintenance of high ethical standards, including support of self-regulatory programs designed to ensure that advertising is truthful and accurate
  • Promote a better understanding of the functions and value of advertising among the public, in academia, and in the halls of government
    promote and encourage fellowship, understanding and cooperation among the various disciplines of the advertising profession

Our Principles

AAF-Jacksonville adheres to the following Advertising Principles of American Business:

  • TRUTH — Advertising shall tell the truth, and shall reveal significant facts,the omission of which would mislead the public.
  • SUBSTANTIATION — Advertising claims shall be substantiated by evidence in possession of the advertiser and the advertising agency, prior to making such claims.
  • COMPARISONS — Advertising shall refrain from making false, misleading, or unsubstantiated statements or claims about a competitor or his products or services.
  • BAIT ADVERTISING — Advertising shall not offer products or services for sale unless such offer constitutes a bona fide effort to sell the advertised products or services and is not a device to switch consumers to other goods or services, usually higher priced.
  • GUARANTEES and WARRANTIES — Advertising of guarantees and warranties shall be explicit, with sufficient information to apprise consumers of their principal terms and limitations. When space or time restrictions preclude such disclosures, the advertisement should clearly reveal where the full text of the guarantee or warranty can be examined before purchase.
  • PRICE CLAIMS — Advertising shall avoid price claims, which are false, or misleading, or savings claims which do not offer provable savings.
  • TESTIMONIALS — Advertising containing testimonials shall be limited to those of competent witnesses who are reflecting a real and honest opinion or experience.
  • TASTE and DECENCY — Advertising shall be free of statements, illustrations or implications that are offensive to good taste or public decency.

What We Offer

AAF Jacksonville endeavors to offer the local advertising, marketing and public relations community the best in education, competitions and networking. We know you work hard, so we work to reward those efforts, help you stay on top of industry advancements, network with your peers and unwind a little. Some of the things you can look forward to include:

  • Monthly “AAF Jacksonville Presents” Lunch Programs
  • Annual ADDY® Awards and Gala
  • Annual “Advertising is Art” Media Auction
  • Social Networking Events
  • Local Public Service Opportunities